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NH Register: Author takes a look at French actress Simone Signoret’s life

The New Haven Register publishedan article last Sunday .

Regarding Signoret, DeMaio said she was ready to give up on a film she was watching one evening, “Ship of Fools, “when the French actress appeared on the screen. Curious as to why she had never seen the actress in Hollywood films before, DeMaio said she did some quick research online and was enthralled by what she found.

“The woman had a fascinating life beyond being a world renowned, internationally claimed actress,” she said. “She had lived through Nazi occupation in Paris, she was considered a half Jew and so she was unable to get rolls in films during the occupation, and she had changed her name using her mother’s maiden name to try to survive through the occupation, but she still didn’t have the identification…”

Read the rest of the article.
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